Orthopaedic Surgeon Patient Information
patient information

patient information

Helpful information for patients

Preparing for Surgery

Surgery can be a stressful time both physically and mentally. Once proceeding with surgery has been decided upon, there are forms to complete and information to read.

Should you have any further questions following the consultation, please feel free to email or phone us for further information on (03) 6331 9973 or office@marshallortho.com.au

Surgical Fees

A surgical quotation will be provided prior to the operation outlining the fees from Dr. Marshall. Typically this will include an out-of-pocket expense between $200 and $400.


Before surgery, your referral will be reviewed by an anaesthetist. Contact prior to surgery may involve a phone call or a face-to-face review for more complex cases. This will involve discussion of the anaesthetic involved in your operation to facilitate safe and effective surgery. It will also be an opportunity to ask questions and to be advised on what fees are associated with your anaesthetic.

Dr. Marshall works closely with two local anaesthetists – Dr. Sam Walker and Dr. Rowena Lawson.

Prior to Surgery

Prior to surgery you should:

  • •    Discuss all medications and any relevant past medical history with Dr. Marshall
  • •    If you are taking blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin or anti-inflammatory medications, these may need to be ceased prior to surgery
  • •    Cease smoking prior to surgery as this will reduce surgical and anaesthetic risks and assist in your recovery
  • •    Ensure that on the day of surgery you bring your up to date imaging if it is not available online
  • •    Remember that if you have further questions prior to surgery, Dr. Marshall will make time to answer these for you.